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Wednesday, April 13, 2005


Rick Stanley Interviews Rick Stanley 2/20/05

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Saturday, December 04, 2004


Judge Quinn signed an order allowing the removal of the GPS monitor system from Rick Stanley on November 4, 2004. Stanley was notified on Nov. 16, 2004 and cut the monitor system off his ankle, on that date.The appeal continues...

Tuesday, October 28, 2003


Update on Rick Stanley

From: Stanley Scoop webmaster@stanley2002.org
Date: 2003/10/28 Tue PM 05:41:25 EST
To: Stanley Scoop webmaster@stanley2002.org
Subject: Update on Rick Stanley 10/28/03

Subject: Update on Rick Stanley 10/28/03

Rick continues to maintain an upbeat attitude while serving his 90 day sentence in Adams County Detention Facility. He appreciates all the letters of support and your prayers. Also, see Rick's website at www.stanley2002.org for where you can send donations to help with his legal defense.

Rick has not retained an attorney at this point, as he is looking in to various different options for handling his cases.

Rick would like his supporters to continue to write letters to Governor Owens, Mayor of Denver John Hickenlooper, and Mayor of Thornton Noel Busck and to get the petition out to as many people as possible. We need to use all LEGAL means possible to help Rick.

Rick also wanted me to let everyone know that the Mutual Defense Pact Militia is back on active status and that all existing members should continue to recruit new members.

Thank you again for all your support for both Rick and I.

Pam Stanley

Monday, October 20, 2003


News Update

Rick Stanley is still being held at the Denver County Jail awaiting transfer to Thornton or Adams County Jail as of Pam Stanley's last contact with him, yesterday at 11:30. We ask that people STOP SENDING RICK EMAIL until further notice, as it's piling up and we are unsure of how long Rick is going to be detained for. Pam asks for a continued show of support in the form of letter writing and emails to Denver Mayor John Hickenlooper on Rick's behalf. We will release further details regarding Rick's detainment and his location as soon as they become available to us.

Sunday, October 19, 2003


Audio Message To Pam Stanley

Pam, please consider using the blog to get news out to the people.

Simply go to http://www.blogger.com and sign in using the username and password that I sent to you via email.

Type whatever you want to say and hit the Publish button. That's all there is to it. Whatever you type will show up here on the blog.

Click on the red icon below to listen to an audio message from me to you.

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Thank you very much.

Doug Kenline


Pam Stanley

Pam Stanley says she is willing to give daily reports on the audioblogger. Thank you Joseph Almond for the kick in the pants.

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Wednesday, October 08, 2003


Dude Where's My Country?

1] Michael Moore's New Book, "Dude Where's My Country?" Hits the Streets...

Date: Sat, 4 Oct 2003 11:04:41 -0600

STANLEY NOTE: I am no friend of Michael Moores, however if people buying his book will help expose this administartion for the treason they have perpetuated against America, I am all for jumping on Michael Moore's bandwagon for this issue. I absolutely abhor his gun control views. Go to my website for many, many worthwhile articles on what is happening to America, not just in the whitehouse. The battles America face against the Golbalist New World Order gang is going to make for some strange bedfellows indeed in the future. The future of a Constitutional Republic of America depends on exactly that.

Rick Stanley

[WETHEPEOPLE_UNITED] Fwd: Michael Moore's New Book, "Dude Where's My
Country?" Hits the Streets Th...

this speaks for itself..................

Michael Moore's New Book, "Dude Where's My Country?" Hits the Streets This Tuesday

October 3, 2003

I have written a new book, and this Tuesday it's being released. It's
called, "DUDE, WHERE'S MY COUNTRY? Because its content is likely to upset more
than a few people, the publisher has "embargoed the book until midnight Monday
(which means no store or media outlet or anyone has access to a copy of the
book until then).

They have taken these measures because I have written a book that seeks not
to defeat the Bush people next year, but to have them removed from Washington
right now. I know, I'm not asking for much. But I have spent the better part of
the past year researching and writing this new book, and when you read it you'
ll see why the current criminal investigation of the White House for outing a
CIA agent in revenge is, in my opinion, just the tip of the iceberg. I can
only hope that my book will make a small contribution toward that day when we'll
see one long perp walk of administration officials in handcuffs being led out
of the White House and into a waiting paddy wagon. Like I said, I'm not
asking for much.

"Dude, Where's My Country? is also my humble attempt to violate the Patriot
Act on every single page of the book. And, I have learned that many want to
get on John Ashcroft's evildoer list with me. There are already a record number
of orders from bookstores across the country. The first printing alone is
almost one million copies (my last book's first printing was 50,000). Chapters
include "Oil's Well That Ends Well, "The United States of BOO!, "How to
Talk to Your Conservative Brother-in-law, and more. (Click here to see the
that will win me a free ticket to Gitmo)

If you get the New York Times, you may have noticed a mysterious ad for the
past four days in the Arts section. Each day, the ad simply asks a new, pointed
question of Mr. Bush. They are questions from my new book, from a chapter
entitled, "Seven Questions for George of Arabia. We are running one ad each day
until the book comes out on Tuesday. In case you've missed them, here are the
first four:

1. Dear Mr. Bush, is it true that the bin Ladens have had business relations
with you and your family off and on for the past 25 years?

2. Dear "Mr. President, what is the "special relationship between the
Bushes and the Saudi royal family?

3. Dear "Mr. President, who attacked the United States on September 11th—a
guy on dialysis from a cave in Afghanistan, or our friends, the Saudi Arabians?

4. Dear "Mr. President, why did you allow a private Saudi jet to fly around
the U.S. in the days after September 11th and pick up members of the bin
Laden family and then fly them out of the country without a proper investigation
by the FBI?

In my book, I provide some of the answers and all of the background evidence.
It is astounding, and it is criminal. Will there be one Democrat in Congress
willing to begin the investigation?

After the book's release, I take off on a 30-city tour over 25 days. Many of
these dates are already sold-out, so check my website first to see where you
can find me. I will also be on the "Today Show on Tuesday, and "The View
and "Conan on Wednesday.

You may want to stay in touch with my website as I'll be putting up a lot of
new stuff over the next few days and weeks. I'm also planning to keep a diary
of my tour, complete with photos from the road.

For me, this is the kickoff of a 12-month campaign for regime change in
Washington, DC. I hope you can join me and the millions of other Americans who
committed to Bush Removal in '04. "Dude, Where's My Country? is my
guidebook on how to create a majority of sane Americans who are increasingly fed
and want their country back.

Click here to get your copy, and I hope to see you somewhere across this
great land in the next month.


Michael Moore



PS. As I head into the release of this new book, I want to thank EVERYONE who read "Stupid White Men and made it the largest selling non-fiction hardcover book of the year. It is now in its 53rd printing in the U.S., with over 4 million copies sold worldwide. This success only strengthens my resolve that things are getting better and we are not alone. PPS. For my friends outside the U.S., "Dude, Where's My Country? is being published in over four dozen countries this autumn. In the UK and Ireland, it's coming out this Tuesday. That's one of the perks you get when one of you are in the Coalition of the Willing!

Tuesday, October 07, 2003



Subject: It's All Over, Grab The Muskets!.....by Devvy Kidd

Rick Stanley, Constitutional Activist, former U.S. Senate candidate, Enemy of
the State, and self avowed extremist on the order of our forefathers of
America, gave the following media release for your use:

For once I disagree with Devvy Kidd. Yes, do everything you can
and then some, along the lines of what Devvy Kidd suggests. It is not enough.
Defend yourself from the predations of government regarding person, family,
property and your guns. Join the Mutual Defense Pact at www.stanley2002.org.

Rick Stanley


A reply to Devvy Kidd

Although your fervent appeal to restraint is admirable, it represents a
mere repetition of one of George Santayana's "lessons of history:" this
has all been done before.

On March twenty-third 1775, in Patrick Henry's fiery oration to the
Virginia Convention, he passionately decried, "Gentlemen may cry, 'peace,
peace'-but there is no peace. The war is actually begun! Is life so
precious, or peace so dear, as to be purchased at the price of chains and

The Founders too, attempted to reason with tyranny, again and again,
pleading with the past King George, who contemptuously replied, "I desire
what is good. Therefore, everyone who does not agree with me is a
traitor," for their basic human rights, pioneered by the English, to no

Martin Luther King's non-violent civil rights movement predictably
stalled in the 1960s, at the height of his popularity, because whites
didn't fear blacks, regarded as mere property: former slaves, and
therefore, less than human.

Meaningful social progress only occurred when groups like Stokely
Carmichael's legally defensively armed Black Panthers took up the call of
courageous black leaders like the brilliant Malcolm X's "whatever means
necessary!" and recalcitrant whites were confronted by riots.

In the beginning, courageous men like Benjamin Franklin said, "They that
can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve
neither liberty nor safety."

Today, cowards like FBI Director Louis Freeh instead say, "The American
people must be willing to give up a degree of personal privacy in
exchange for safety and security."

It was Barry Goldwater who said, "Extremism in the defense of liberty is
no vice. Tolerance in the face of tyranny is no virtue."
Enshrined as Biblical principle, "Fear of God is the beginning of wisdom"
can also be applied to His instruments.

At what point in the "long train of abuses" does the appeal to reason

After the first battle of Wounded Knee? The second? The SLA shootout? The
MOVE bombing? Rainbow Farm? Ruby Ridge? Waco? Elian? Fremont Michigan?
Does not the Old Testament state, "For everything there is a season, a
time for peace, a time for war?"

Does not the New Testament state, "He who has no sword, let him sell his
garment and buy one?"

Many, including the iniquitous United Nations, take the latter part of
verse four in this passage at Isaiah 2:1-5, which states "they shall be
compelled to beat their swords into plowshares, and their spears into
pruning hooks," and struggle to assert that God wants us to disarm, left
helpless at the nonexistent mercy of the iniquitous.

The atrocious U. N.'s true intentions for you are proudly displayed
publicly in front of their building in New York for all the disarmed
sheep to see and tremble: a Smith model ten self-protection tool with its
barrel uselessly twisted like a pretzel.

Those who foolishly beat their swords into plowshares of their own accord
will plow as slaves for those who don't for the miserable remainder of
their terror-filled lives.

In Matthew 5:38-39, Jesus isn't denigrating the Law of God in regards to
one's right to justly protect himself and others, rather He's repudiating
the vulgar Lex Talionis - the Law of Retaliation, which said, "if someone
messes you up today, you go back and mess him up five times worse
tomorrow," the basis of what society's come to recognize as "vigilante
justice," a term which it unfortunately confuses with justifiable
immediate legal self-protection.

Where this soothing fallacy leads is obvious: in John Ross' amazing book,
"Unintended Consequences," the protagonist has a conversation with
holocaust survivor Irwin Mann regarding a historical photograph of
disarmed Jews being herded by a lone National Socialist soldier.
The conversation brings up the fact that even a casual observation of the
photograph clearly shows that the bolt soldier's Mauser 98 rifle is open.
What's so significant about that?

It means that the rifle was empty, and all the soon-to-be-murdered Jews
were so unfamiliar with firearms that they didn't realize it either.
The pathetic unarmed Jews had no will to resist, and the National
Socialists knew it.

The very Constitution they publicly swore oaths to "protect and defend"
is being dismantled before our eyes through unconstitutional chicanery
labeled "PATRIOT" and "VICTORY" by those treasonous social fascist
elitists dedicated to the defeat of liberty.

In the words of Germaine Greer, "Freedom is fragile and must be
protected. To sacrifice it, even as a temporary measure, is to betray

I abide by the maxim of fierce Abolitionist William Lloyd Garrison: "With
reasonable men I will reason; with humane men I will plead; but with
tyrants, I will give no quarter, nor waste arguments where they will
certainly be lost."

The closed, recycled military bases to serve as concentration camps have
been prepared.

The "executive orders" are in place.

The Draconian, dehumanizing "security" procedures in place at airports
can do nothing concerning terrorists, but are, in fact, designed to break
down our sacrosanct dignity and ability to resist tyrannical "authority"
in the exact same manner that the National Socialists did so successfully
in Germany.

Expect to hear, "Your papers, please," here in America soon.
They already have Nazi-style helmets and black SS uniforms and German
sub-machineguns, accompanied by snarling German dogs.
By that time, you won't object to being placed in flying cattle cars,
either. Enjoy your trip.

Will you wait until the gas chambers at the Amtrak facility in Beech
Grove Indianapolis and the ovens at Mount Franklin Texas yaw to receive
your tortured body?

In 1857, freed slave and civil rights activist Frederick Douglass
pronounced, "Find out just what the People will submit to and you have
found out the exact amount of injustice and wrong which will be imposed
upon them; and these will continue until they are resisted with either
words or blows, or with both. The limits of tyrants are prescribed by the
endurance of those whom they oppress."

Since God made Man, even until today, no covenant has been consummated
without blood, a fact recognized by Founder Thomas Jefferson when he
said, "From time to time, the tree of liberty must be watered with the
blood of tyrants and patriots."

If mere rhetoric, no matter how well-intentioned, no matter how elegant,
were capable of accomplishing peace, there would today be no need to heed
Patrick Henry's practical dictum: "Forbid it, Almighty God! I know not
what course others may take, but as for me, give me liberty, or give me

No matter how offensive, no matter how repugnant, the single person in
all the nation who's advanced a practicable plan to thwart tyranny is
Rick Stanley.

Sincerely, Mike Straw